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Erwin Muyot - Restaurant Manager

Jhonny Lintag - Head Chef

Godwin Kokichi - Chef

Rebecca Mabalot - Head Waitress

Heindy Henson - Head Waitress

Jazzper Jhann Quevedo - Bartender

Josephine Raquino - Cashier

Rochelle Ann Montenegro - Waitress

Sarah Bandibas - Waitress

Jenny Kathleen Mantes - Waitress

Joy Miran - Assistant Cook

Editha Belen - Assistant Cook

Nino Dela Cruz - Assistant Cook

Crisanto Parpa - Kitchen Helper



Elegant Dining By the Bay

Palm Bay was opened in March of 2003 with the goal to bring fine dining to the Island of Palau.

Palm Bay specializes in barbecue, ribs, pasta, and most notably Steaks. When you come visit us our goal is to provide only the best service and food that we can offer. You will enjoy the gorgeous view of the ocean an experience that Palm Bay Bistro can only offer.